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10×8 Palmako Nora 28mm Log Cabin

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10×8 Palmako Nora 28mm Log Cabin

The Nora Cabin has a stunning Pavilion styled design which will be ideal for making the most of your garden. Whether you are a frequent entertainer or you want a space for you to relax, the Nora is a champion in the market and one that will not disappoint. The Nora Cabin from Palmako has been carefully crafted with extremely high standards that guarantee you long lasting value for money. The Cabin is built using chalet cut 28mm logs which interlock to create the cabins walls and floor. This tongue and groove build honours the weatherproof build and guarantees you safety from the outside weather for years to come. ;When it comes to stopping rot on the rest of the cabin, to enhance the one year guarantee against fungal damage we suggest that you treat the timber with a preservative which is a simple task thanks to the smooth tongue and groove build. This will prevent easy rotting and increase your value for money in the long run. Accessing the interior of the Nora is simpl…