Pent Garden Sheds

10×8 Arbour-Plus Florence Pergola


10×8 Arbour-Plus Florence Pergola Pergola-1_800_600_150611022052.jpg

This is an attractive, strong, reliable garden pergola which has a lot to offer. You can use it to create a framework for your outside socialising space, allow plants to climb up the pergola as it will act as a great support, therefore creating a great garden feature in any garden setting. The Florence pergola has been carefully designed to combine long lasting timber with an attractive design to create a flawless feature for any outside space. The European soft wood used to create the structure has been selected due to its tough nature and long lasting properties. Fifteen years damage free use is assured thanks to the pressure treatment that the pergola has undergone from the manufacturer. This process forces a protective layer that withstands rot and fungal build up for a minimum of 15 years assuring your money is spent wisely. In only two hours the garden pergola can be assembled, creating no stress at all. The instruction manual has photo step by step guides which shows you h…