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10 x 8 Duramax Woodside Plastic Shed

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10 x 8 Duramax Woodside Plastic Shed – sheds/thumbnails/woodside-108-1_800_600_160601024932.jpg

This 10×8 plastic shed is part of Duramaxs woodside range and is a spectacular feature to their collection. The shed is one of the more attractive sheds on the market and combines looks and design to produce a robust, cost efficient storage space. It is walk in meaning it has a high eaves due to the apex roof. This shed has the bonus of extra headroom and fast rain run off. The PVC panels are pre cut and means the 10×8 plastic shed is 100% weatherproof, preventing any of your items from becoming wet. An internal steel frame adds increased stability to the shed and means the shed can withstand even the worst of weathers. A single window on the side allows sunlight to flow in, producing a naturally lit environment. The double doors open up to allow walk in access for storing your tools and garden items and when not in use. The doors can be pad-locked for assurance of safety, especially at night. Due to the PVC being the main material used for this 10×8 plastic shed, it will never…