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10 x 6 Windsor Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

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10 x 6 Windsor Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

This 10×6 garden shed is one of the largest in our Windsor Reverse Apex range. It combines functionality and practicality to create a solid, aesthetically pleasing storage space, perfect for any garden. This garden shed 10×6 has been designed with the door and window positioned on the longer front panel, allowing this shed to fit into areas where space is dwindling. It has a mighty internal structure which has timber overlap cladding boards fixed to it creating a solid shed protecting all your stored tools, items and patio accessories. Both the roof and floor are made from solid sheet boarding, adding to the overall strong build. The front single door opens up to allow access into this garden shed and has been braced to provide extra protection. A pad-bolt fixture keeps the door securely shut when not in action, lockable using a padlock (not supplied) to increase security of your tools. The large window located at the front of this garden shed 10×6 is made from a safe glass alte…