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10 x 6 Windsor All-Purpose Pent Shed

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10 x 6 Windsor All-Purpose Pent Shed

Precise dimensions: 911 x 61 (3.03 x 1.85m) This 10×6 shed offers great value and versatility! Self-assembly by customer (instructions supplied) The walls of the 10×6 pent shed are tongue and groove shiplap clad, offering a weather-proof structure as opposed to an inferior overlap or a feather-edge budget style of construction usually found at this price level upon wooden sheds. Manufactured with a 27 x 32mm framing, the roof and floor of this model is solid sheet OSB. Fixed windows are fitted as standard, with glazing being styrene. The single 747mm (25″) wide door is secured by means of a pad bolt, ready to accept a padlock. Although the pad lock will not be supplied. Basecoat treated at the factory, we recommend our customers to retreat this after installation of the shed has taken please.