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10 x 4 Traditional Pent Kennel 6 Run Pet H


10 x 4 Traditional Pent Kennel 6 Run Pet H

The Pent Kennel 6 Run Pet House from the Traditional Pet Houses range. Traditional kennels are hand-made from Redwood Deal for a quality finish, using PAR 12mm tongue and groove cladding upon 27 x 44mm and 44 x 44mm framing, clad with 50 x 50mm galvanised weldmesh. Standard features include; a 4 x 4 integral kennel with floor, solid front access door and dog access hole, along with a 6 (approx) mesh enclosed run area with mesh-clad access door (no floor to run area). Each door is 1.45m x 0.59m (49×111) in size, being complete with a padbolt. Supplied treated as standard with a Red Cedar coloured preservative basecoat, but other treatment options are selectable. Self assembly by customer (instructions supplied). Installation service option available. Manufacturers advise that the building will require re-treating with 6 weeks of delivery/installation and annually thereafter with a quality wood preservative. Approximately 1 foot/300mm should be left around the entire pet house to aid…