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1.8m High Valencia Fence Panel

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1.8m High Valencia Fence Panel

Horizontal Weave Pressure Treated 1.8 Decorative Fence Panels feature notoriously intricate designs to enhance the decorative appearance of your garden boundaries. The 1.8m high Valencia Fence Panel is no exception. These continental 1.8 Decorative Fence Panels feature a contemporary design which maintains good privacy and even better looks! These wooden fence panels have been smoothed for a slick finish whilst the slatted section adds a new decorative dimension. The need for annual re-treatment has been removed due to the free pressure treatment applied during the manufacturing process. Compatible with both our concrete and timber fence posts, this versatile wooden fence panel gains added strength and durability by having its horizontal and vertical slats all fixed within a mortice and tenon rebated design. To protect the base of your fence panels why not add gravel boards? Depending on your method of installation, we would recommend using fence posts between 1.8m and 2.4m in he…