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1.8m Furniture-Plus Double Sleeper Bench

Outdoor Seating

1.8m Furniture-Plus Double Sleeper Bench×1-furniture-plus-double-sleeper-bench_800_600_150716115149.jpg

This double sleeper bench is a really quick and simple way for you to design your own stylish and unique seating area for your garden. Maybe choose a planter and/or table from our range to go with these benches to make the area exactly how you want it. The option of having simply one of these bench or other products too means that its a great option for really smaller gardens, as well as using up larger spaces if your garden is bigger. The sleeper design ensures that it is a very sturdy and robust option for garden seating. The double sleeper bench has been manufactured using pressure treated timber, giving it a 15-year warranty against rot and fungal damage that may be caused by water logging.